Granulated foamglass

  • Life span of buildings constructed with the use of foam glass increases by 2-4 times in comparison to structures where traditional insulating materials are used (e.g. expanded polystyrene/mineral wool). Building maintenance period is increased to 50 years without the need to replace insulation material. Dry construction mixes and structural composite materials based on foam glass granules can reduce the load on foundation by 40%.
  • Application of dry construction mixes based on foam glass can reduce building’s heat loses by 25-35%.
  • Foam glass allows to build energy efficient houses with construction costs reduced by 20-25% due to thinner walls and lighter structures.
  • Foam glass insulation can save up to 30% on heating costs.
  • Foam glass allows building in areas with unstable and waterlogged soils in cold and hot climates.

Building maintenance cost comparison