The regulatory documents in force in Russia on the thermal protection of buildings and energy conservation require the use of modern thermal insulation materials in the construction of new housing and in the reconstruction of existing ones. For these purposes, polymeric heaters are used, such as polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam, inorganic fibrous plates and mats, gas and foam concrete. Of these materials, gas and foam concrete are the safest and most durable. The first two materials have an actual service life, in which they retain their thermal insulation properties, 15-20 years. At the same time, residential buildings and structures are counting on a significantly longer service life. Therefore, during capital construction and reconstruction, a heat-insulating material is required, which is able to maintain heat-insulating and strength properties during the entire service life of the structure. Such material is PENOSTEK foamglass. Granular foam glass is used as aggregates for lightweight concrete and warm plasters for thermal insulation of walls, floors, basements, attic ceilings, roofs, partitions, walls, pipelines.

Do not forget that the raw material for the production of foam glass is cullet, that is, glass garbage and waste from glass production. The volumes of this waste in large cities of Russia are very large and there are problems with the disposal of cullet. Consequently, the industrial production of foam glass helps to solve the problem of waste disposal and provides the market with a new effective and durable heat-insulating material.